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Sample Nation 005: Broadcast Live 16/06/2019

A selection of new and classic Home Grown UK Hip-Hop as standard

Unsung Hero: Dirty Dike, the producer, a retrospective of some of his best production, some of it, he rapped over. All bangers

Sample Selection: Klashnekoff, celebrating 15 years since the release of “The Sagas Of..” I play some choice tracks of that album, the original samples and a couple other KLash classics


Modest Mussorgsky and Maurice Ravel - Gnomus

Genesis Elijah - Jah Bless Ft. Klashnekoff


First Rate - Walk The Walk (ft. Numbskullz)

Evil Ed - Black Stallions (Feat. Kyza)

Cappo - Cirques Des Clowns

Mnsr Frites, Cappo - Lungfish

Jack Diggs, Big Toast - Pow!

BVA - Student of Life

Oliver Sudden, Parallax, Mnsr Frites - Bang

Numskullz - Dead Serious

Res One - Datkid, Lee Scott, Bil Next, Life MC, Flying Monk, Tommy Dockers, Two Tungs, Upfront Mc, Mistafire, Paro - Gangman Style

Louis Cypher, Sister Mary, Tony Skank, Osoro, Ro Jista - Untouched Subject

Scran Cartel, Oliver Sudden, ZEPS - Extravascranza

Unsung Hero - Dirty Dike

Dabbla - Death Moves

Lee Scott - Spaced

Oracy - Sofa Soldiers

Ed Scissor - Theremin

Ocean Wisdom - Walkin'

Lee Scott - Sell Drugs

Ronnie Bosh - You Know

Rejjie Snow - Olga (1984)

Concept of Thought, Dirty Dike, Ed Scissor - The Incredible Sulk

Dirty Dike, Chester P, Verb T - Paper Tigers


Bettye Crutcher - Sleepy People

Steely Dan - Kings

Klashnekoff, Skriblah DanGogh, Kyza - Sayonara

Leon Thomas - Shape Your Mind To Die

KlashNekoff - Jankrowville


John Barry Orchestra - The Girl with the Sun in Her Hair

KlashNekoff - B4 U DIE