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Sample Nation 004: Broadcast Live 09/06/2019

A selection of new and classic Home Grown UK Hip-Hop from the like of Cappo, CMPND, Kyza, Hoodz Underground, Jehst and a load more

Unsung Hero: Harry Love, a retrospective of some of his best work and celebration of the diversity of his production

Sample Selection: People Under The Stairs, celebrating 19 year since the release of “Question in the Form of an Answer” and 17 years since OST, you get to hear all the classic original sample and how they were flipped


Track List

People Under the Stairs - Intro

Bo Hansson - Attic Thoughts


Cappo - Out of Your Mind

Lewis Parker - The Options

MUD FAM - Camden Wildlife

Cappo, Senz Beats - Tidal Wave

Hock Tu Down - Drug Co.

CMPND - Flight 370

Booda French - It's Always Raining in Ipswich

Kojaque - WiFicode

Unsung Hero - Harry Love

Reveal - What Estate R U From

Ricochet, Tommy Evans, Yungun, Devise - 4 Horsemen

Jehst - Alcoholic Author

KlashNekoff - Parrowdice

Doc Brown - Out There Ft. Harry Love & Yungun

Tommy Evans, Yungun - Silent Mobius

Verb T & Harry Love - Showbitchness

Mystro - Strong Rhymin'

Kyza Smirnoff - Lights Out

Hoodz Underground - Home Of Da Streets


Gap Mangione - Boys With Toys

don blackman - holding you, loving you

People Under The Stairs - Give Love A Chance

People Under The Stairs - Youth Explosion

Glass Prism - Hymn

Cullen Knight - Once You Fall In Love

People Under the Stairs - The L.A. Song

People Under The Stairs - July 3rd


Lazy Habits, HC-B, Born Ina Barn - Feed the Brass