SN - Jester Jacobs - Main Source

Ronnie Bosh - Get Out


Champions of Nature - No Reason

Cappo - Cappo - Learn To Be Strong

Hoodz Underground - How Do You Feel

Freddie Gibbs - Automatic

C-Mone - UK Chant

Micall Parknsun - Hungry

Nah Eeto - Auntie, What Happened To Me? ft Lee Scott

Task Force - Tomorrow

Jam Baxter - Brains

Mikey T - Trials & Tribulations

Black Josh feat. Nah Eeto - Judge Judy

Unsung Hero - Jester Jacobs

Corners - Perfect 10 (Feat. Jester Jacobs, eMCee Killa, Gee Bag, Oliver Sudden, MNSR Frites, Cheech & Louis Cypher)

Luca Brazi - Salmon Ft. Jester Jacobs

Moose Funk Squad - Big Daddy Jacobs

Granville Sessions, Jester Jacobs - Domino

Luca Brazi & Joe Represci - Your Mum Rang

Jester Jacobs - The Arc

Organised Mess ft. Fourny P, Corkhill, Jester Jacobs, Mnsr Frites - Crunch

Mnsr Frites ft. Jester Jacobs, Benny Diction - One more

Jester Jacobs - Knuckle Down

Jester Jacobs - I'm Dog

Sample Selection - Main Source

Main Source feat. Nas, Joe Fatal and Akinyele - Live At The Barbecue

Vicki Anderson - In The Land Of Milk and Honey

Main Source - Snake Eyes

Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm - Getting Nasty

Main Source - Looking at the Front Door

third guitar - baby dont cry

Donald Byrd - Think Twice

Main Source - Just a Friendly Game of Baseball

Lou Donaldson - Pot Belly


The Main Ingredient - Magic Shoes

Main Source - Fakin' The Funk

Sample Nation 011: Broadcast Live 28/07/19

A selection of new and classic Home Grown UK Hip-Hop from the likes of Task Force, Cappo, Champions of Nature, Black Josh, Nah Eeto, Luca Brazi, Jam Baxter and Micall Parknsun

Unsung Hero: Jester Jacobs of Moose Funk, a retrospective of some of his best work; B-sides, features and album cuts

Sample Selection: Some incredible Originals Samples for Main Source and the US Hip-Hop to go along with it