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First Broadcast: 19.05.2019

As this was my first show and it’s Itch FM, I wanted to cram in as much UK Hip-Hop as I could.. Celebrating Champions of Nature and all the Legendary UK Hip-Hop Groups over the years…

Heavily biased toward the 2000 era, with a sprinkling of new stuff.. All bangers though

Track List

C.O.N. Artists - Finalisation

Intro - Celebration of Champions of Nature (Group/Solo)

Champions Of Nature - Salsa Smurf

KlashNekoff - Jankrowville

Lewis Parker - Seasons of Espionage

Apollo - Think

Jehst - Adventures In New Bohemia (Proper Boh Mix)

DJ MK ft. Super T, Jehst, Kyza - It's All Live

Supa T, Lewis Parker & Braintax - Life And Breath

Task Force - The Cosmic Gypsies ft. Jehst


Foreign Beggars - Where Did the Sun Go (feat. Anik & Tommy Evans)

B.O.M.B. Lucky 13 feat. Jester Jacobs, Archetype, TPS Fam, Fourni P, Mnsr Frites, Tony Skank, Tenchoo, Benny Diction & Ro Jista

3 Amigos - Fool Of Somebody

MSI & Asylum - Northernly Winds Feat. Rodney P & Mr 45

Task Force - Liquidized Language

Universal Soldiers - Crime Stories

MUD FAM - Itchy Town

Contact Play - Serious Man Business

The I.R.S. - Work

Aspects - Correct English

Moose Funk Squad - Habitat

Task Force - Crime Waves

Hoodz Underground - Where Ya From Feat. Out Da Ville, Moorish Delta 7, Shadowless

London Posse - Pass Me The Rizla

Rum Committee - Boozetown

Dark Circle - Teletext

Children of the Damned - Just Drink

Foreign Beggars - Reach Out

Bang yer head feat. Out Da Ville - Mr Thing Remix