Show Branding and Re-edits

Hi Fruhnz,

I’ve finally started uploading edited (perfected) versions of my regular Sunday Itch FM radio show, “Sample Nation”

One of the reasons it took so long is I obsessed over the branding on the covers.

So I set myself a brief:

  • Simple, clean and easy to re-do on a weekly basis

  • Concise and explain what’s in each show clearly

Sadly that took a while, but I’ll be uploading the edited shows and all new shows to my mixcloud. Have a gander at the designs below


Maj Duckwroth

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Good News! I'm on Mixcloud Select

Hello my Fruhnz.. I was recently invited to be a part of the second wave of Mixcloud Select.

What is that I hear you cry, well it’s a paid service, a very cheap very reasonable $2.99 for subscribers, so sign up now for offline listening, access to exclusive mixes and extended interviews with guests from my regular radio show “Sample Nation”.

I’ll be uploading Edited, (perfected) versions of my radio show in the next few days, so thats something to look forward too

Safe, Safe, Safe, Safe, Safe

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James TriceComment
Hello There...

I should be writing and putting together my first show, but instead I’ve procrastinated and made a website.

But what a fancy website it is!

For those that don’t know, I’ll be playing the best in Hip-Hop and Original Samples every Sunday 6-8PM on Itch FM

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